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Singing Japanese Love Songs

Youthful beauty
back straight
singing Japanese love songs

Neighborhood boys
to catch a glimpse
chasing them away
frying pan in hand

Stopped to feed a cat once
then to make a life of it
They expect me
count on me

Five like to eat here
wet food only
seven over there
only dry

I take my time
People push
FUCKING people

I love my cats

There too
over there
and there

Wake and Cry

wake and cry
wake and cry
feral children play hide and seek
behind the stacks of old musty books

warm waterfall, City Lights awning
sheets of water tease
we dance the dance of wild children
full of mischief, doing what we please

wake and cry
Mama struggles daily
hoping the streets don’t swallow
her children, she tracks their every movement
when she can

filling pockets with nickels
In exchange for rhythmic chops to the shoulder
encouragements comes in stern warnings
follow a straight path

don’t lie,
don’t cheat
don’t steal

wake and cry
wake and cry
Mama struggles daily
to get the kids off to school

two squares like it or not
on special days lunch comes
hand delivered in a paper bag
whispers of sorrow pinned to the side

wake and cry
Mama struggles daily
to stand
to walk
to eat

peace comes with the kiss of daylight
sweet shallow puffs of air
children grown
at her side
wake and cry

Santo Niño

Santo Niño

Santo Niño, 8″x8″ Wood Canvas. Acrylic with Oil wash. $300 (SOLD)

Two limited addition Giclée Prints will be auctioned at Cafe Gabriela. 988 Broadway, Oakland, California 94607 on December 13, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm. Proceeds will be donated to the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns’ Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Relief Efforts.